Terms of use


Joining Fee is paid upon joining Athletic Fitness. Members will only pay this fee ONCE, as long as their Membership Dues are current. Should their dues be more than Seven days in arrears – Members will be required to pay a NEW Joining Fee.


Monthly Membership is offered to Members at a nominal price. In case the monthly dues are NOT paid within one week (7 days) of the Anniversary date, the Member will be required to pay another Membership Fee in order to continue using the club. The monthly membership of 40 lv. includes unlimited access to our 9 clubs in 4 cities of Bulgaria for fitness training, 1 group class session per day, free Wi-Fi, safe boxes and sauna where it is present.


The Annual Membership in addition to the services of the Monthly Membership includes Joining Fee, 1 shower a day and Two One-Month Freezes.


Every Member can bring a guest upon presentation of a guest pass or paying for a Daily Membership. Guests can use the club once every Thirty days. Guest living outside the 25 km range can use the Club without limitations, but are required to pay for Daily Membership every time. Guests are required to fill in a survey when visiting the Club. Failure to do so will result in refusal of admittance to the Club.


Members who have pre-paid their Membership for at least Twelve Months in Advance are entitled to Two One-Month Freezes. This means that the Member can add the month onto the expiry date of their Annual Membership for any reason. The Member must notify the Club in person or in writing at least Seven days in Advance of the date that they wish to Freeze the Membership. The Membership can only be frozen in increments of One or Two months. Any Member who is paying their Membership in a Monthly manner cannot Freeze their membership for any reason, including work related transfers (except Pregnancy or Hospitalization).


Members will be issued either a Membership Card or a Membership Chip. Failure to bring this to the Club may result in refusal of admittance of the Member to the Club. Reissue of damaged, lost or forgotten Membership Card / Chip is paid. All Memberships are strictly Personal and cannot be used by others. Violation of this term will result in immediate Termination of Membership with no ability to rejoin any Athletic Fitness facility. Credits on the card/chip can be only used for purchasing products and/or services provided by Athletic Fitness. They cannot be drawn from the card.


Members are given a lock pad when they join and are expected to bring it with them every time they use the Club. No responsibility will be accepted for any loss or damage to the property or valuables of any Member or guest whilst on the Club’s premises, even those which may be left in the lockers provided, unless the loss or damage is caused by the Club’s negligent act or default.


Showers are provided in all of our Clubs. The length of time of the shower is regulated in all Clubs. Some Clubs may charge for showers, depending on the type of Membership. These Showers are offered to Members only to wash their bodies – NOT clothes, shoes or anything else. Violation of these terms will result in immediate Termination of Membership with no ability to rejoin any Athletic Fitness facility.


 When using an Athletic Fitness facility it is required that all Members wear appropriate footwear. This means – NO bare feet, flip flops, street shoes, boots, workboots. Any other footwear will need to be covered at all times with the Blue Booties. Violation of this term will result in immediate Termination of Membership with no ability to rejoin any Athletic Fitness facility.Only Women will be permitted to exercise topless in the Club. Lack of shorts or pants is not permitted at any time.


Free weights and mats are stored on their designated places after usage. Violation of this term will result in immediate Termination of Membership with no ability to rejoin any Athletic Fitness facility.


Members and their guests are required to use the Club and its facilities in a proper and reasonable manner. Members and their guests must use the equipment at the Club strictly in accordance with any rules or guidelines issued by the Club, and to comply with any instructions regarding use given by any employee, director or officer of the Club. The Club reserves the right on any particular occasion to refuse entry to the Club without declaring any reason for doing so and will always refuse access to the Club and its facilities to any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Club reserves the right to alter the rules, available facilities, group classes schedules and opening times at any time for any reasonable cause. The Club may be closed for essential maintenance work, special functions or in any other circumstances as the Club deems necessary.The Club accepts no liability for any illness, injury, loss or damage which is attributable to the Мember’s own fault, a third party or events which neither the Club nor its suppliers could have foreseen or forestalled even if the Club had taken all reasonable care (including but not limited to injury resulting from over exertion, aggravation or precipitation of any medical condition caused by the use of the Club facilities). All members are strongly advised to seek medical advice before any exercise at the Club.